Seasons change and so do you

Wow, the birds and crickets have been chirping the most magical notes this week, a sound I’ll miss once the seasons change.As I begin to reminisce about the vivid sites and places I visited over the summer, the fragrant flowers, roaring oceans, serene lakes, cool mountains’ dew, and local parks, so much beauty has truly blown me away. 

Speaking of the winds, have you had a chance to tune into the sound of your breath yet today?

Take time to stop, observe that rhythm and wonder, how does the expansion of air into your diaphragm fuel your heart and body with purpose?

Furthermore, what enriches your life when you lift your head from the pillow? There are many ways to take flight, spread your wings, and “Free Your Mind”?

As a PSYCH-K® Facilitator, I’ve learned how to hold the space for both myself and or an individual partner with simple balance processes. 

If this interests you, don’t miss out on the mid-afternoon, in-person session time slots with me on Saturday, October 19th.  

Grab your space for Fall in Love Workshop and or Mini-Privates SAME DATE as above.

Are you a yogi, newbie yoga teacher or new to meditation? Do you want to enliven your spirit?

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Next round: Conscious Connections Course.

New: Conscious Transformations Course. 

Let’s connect, share experiences and build the blocks that keep us together. 


Your Meditation Specialist,
Kindness Rules!

  • Weekly, yoga stretch and meditation class to restore your balance? 
When? Every Monday from 11:30am – 12: 30pm @NaturallyYoga in Glen Rock.
  • Fall in Love: October 19th, A yoga & meditation Workshop Class with “limited space” PSYCH-K® privates.
 Click on the two ONLINE Course options below:
Conscious Connections Courseyogic lifestyle skills, rituals, and business direction.
Conscious Transformations Course: Action Bliss Clarity Method. Relax and meditate.

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