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 Author, Yoga Facilitator and Meditation Mentor

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The Radiant Woman Experience

Self-discovery, peace and love
are a practice of human spirit.

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Obstacles play an integral part of human behavior and nature.

Marla is a teacher who inspires all students to bloom and widen their spirits (no matter what season!). By being in her presence as a student, I have come to learn that anything we pursue in life, whether it’s getting through a challenging Kundalini kriya or navigating through obstacles that we come to realize helps us grow in further aligning with our higher purpose, we can start blooming right here in the present (no need to hold off!).  Through Marla‘s guidance, I have learned the significance of Sat Nam (Truth is my name) and through honoring my Truth, I am present to bloom.” – Maral V.

“I love my Monday evening Yoga Class.  I arrive exhausted & stressed out from work….only to find Marla’s welcoming smile & acceptance.  I never feel judged for my flaws or imperfections…only encouraged. Marla has a generous spirit. She always shares a lesson & intention for the class, one I always need to hear.  Soon enough we settle down into a beautiful flow.  I feel blessed to share the class with other yoga students who are all unique & on a similar journey.  I always feel like I am in the right place doing the right thing at the right time. Marla‘s wisdom & infectious passion for life spill over into the class.  I feel lucky to be there.  I need to practice peace & love.  Our class gives me that opportunity.” – Alison G.


“The first time I ever took a class at Naturally Yoga it was with Marla. What a great introduction to yoga! I was immediately drawn to her positive way of looking at things, especially as it relates to everyday life. She offers us opportunities to explore on and off the mat. Marla‘s message sticks with me beyond class.

She is light. When I think of Marla, I think of pure light. What a great way to start the week!”

– Patty B.

“Marla’s energy and love are like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. No matter how I feel before a class with Marla, I always feel better after!”

– Terry E.

“As a Kundalini teacher, Marla embodies a wonderful balance of discipline and empathy, which is a structure that all yogis can bring to their practice.

What I love most about working with Marla is that she completely surrenders herself to the moment while teaching — I’ve never seen anyone so in tune with he Present in their yogic practice, even when aspiring to this is consistently taught. It allows her students, even if for a short time, the same freedom from their egos and the frenetic daily rush, and in that sense, is perhaps an opportunity to deepen their practice more than they otherwise could.”

– Marina K.

“I was blessed to recently attend one of Marla‘s Kundalini yoga workshops. Her energy is pure light and she conveys the teachings with depth and devotion. Marla made the kriya, or exercise set, accessible to beginners and longtime practitioners alike. She is a caring and committed teacher, and a shining soul”!  – Kathryn E. Livingston, YIN, YANG, YOGINI: A Woman’s Quest for Balance, Strength & Inner Peace

 Shine from your heart not from your head, even when the light dims on any dark day!

As a busy mom, Marla found calm through mini-moment meditation practices and ancient yoga wisdom. After years of personal development and self-reflection, she sparked a new sense of purpose and discovered a reservoir of untapped resources from within.

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