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The Radiant Woman Shines
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As she questioned her purpose and created new neuropathways in yoga and meditation classes and with nature, Marla sparked inner joy in all aspects of her life.

Through ancient yogic wisdom, she began to find the missing piece of the puzzle long hidden behind misspoken thoughts. In adopting a spiral of twisted postures, turning and squeezing past pains and present anguish, she began to repair the flimsy patchwork of her life with definitive purpose.

The Radiant Woman Shines, a self-help/ transformational memoir, guides women to access joy amid life’s tender times. Marla debunks the myth that we must sit quietly in a cave to meditate. She brings real life stories to women as a formula to spread love into their family units through cohesive and subtle conversations. We can build healthier relationships by drinking spiritual nectar, fragrance elixirs and detox regimens to purify our bodies and minds.

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