Are you flexible?

What are some of the most common remarks that onlookers say about yoga and mediation?

“I’m not flexible. I don’t know how to meditate. My mind is always thinking. I can’t sit still to meditate”. Maybe you’ve heard or spoken those exact words before?  Being that the subject is near and dear to me, I’d love to share some thoughts with you no matter where you see yourself on this wheel. When I hear those comments from people who hesitate or give excuses for why “they’re not flexible like me”, I offer a challenge to what it means to value life and use yogic lifestyle skills to create more harmony in your life. For me that’s what matters most.

Yoga is union. It’s a coming together of people and nature and all of the cosmos.. There are many paths one can take to ride the wave of this expanding field. The limbs begin with compassion and kindness train and for some, it pertains to movement though that’s just one of the avenues to bring you tword the ultimate states of neutrality, bliss peace and content. Yoga is much more than a pose you see on the cover of magazine or social media feed? Yes indeed, the specific postures associated with how one gets to be more flexible and twist like a pretzel is a practice of consistently repeating a move, lengthening muscles over time.

It take patience. However, what if you don’t have the time or desire to strike a pose or practice traditional meditation where you sit in silence to try and access your inner light? Maybe you prefer the TV or a faster paced “workout” where you invigorate your body by taking a walk/run/hike, playing around, dancing, or creating something with passion that fires you up? A place for you to access those “feel good” emotions either doing what you already love or looking at a gorgeous landscape. In truth, its all yoga if you are living in the moment and treating others as if they are you. That’s the route to follow. And if striking a pose doesn’t do it for you in your life now, all of the activities that bring you into a state of passion from vigor, are perfect setups for you to sit after and take some time for yourself.

The ancient teachings of yoga begin with a series of specific yoga postures. They’re designed to activate your breath – known as your vital life force energy. This action primes you for silence. It gives your mind a chance to unwind, rest and reset, opening your world to the possibility of sitting quietly, (perhaps in hopes) for the practitioner to achieve a “bliss state” from meditation. Ok. I know. Sounds like you might still want to pass? And just the other day I heard this from a dear friend, “I have “ADD”. I’m not patient enough and I just can’t sit do those meditations you teach”. What, did I just hear you say that?? Really??

Meanwhile, why not? Wouldn’t anyone want to practice the poses or commit to finding their higher self if it might make you feel better? Some people have no interest in getting to know themselves better. However, what if you could access the limbs faster? Give your brain a reboot and inner gaze focus? How would you like to fuel your body with certain breath patterns that you can do sitting on the floor, couch, in the morning or before you go to bed, or any time of day? You can take them here, there and everywhere. Use them on the go, or at your desk, hey I don’t care if you take them with you to outer space if you dare choose to: Live a life with flexible acceptance.  Use a formula to release pressure in your head. Forgo the need to prove yourself right. See the other person as yourself. Experience your life, as it is, in real time.

Master self-control of your feelings and emotions. How would you like to learn some of my favorite “go to methods” that guide you to release the stagnant energy that builds up like residue in your mind? Use your powerful energy to release emotional and physical stressors by flooding your body with a self-propelled exhilaration. It’s why I’ve formulated some of my favorite fast speed routes to help you progress with peace throughout your day. There’s no need to let those negative thoughts linger. Why not set an intention and engage your full body to locate your inner peace glow?

How’d you like to learn the action bliss clarity method to quiet the constant chatter in your mind, so you remain neutral, steady and less reactive when the going gets tough. Release those emotions that hold your thoughts hostage in your mind? Yoga means union. It’s fortified in richness that allows relationships to evolve and harmonize. Compassion is a gift from your heart. There are many limbs of yoga. Each one branches out for you to form your own personal practice. When you direct a small hand gesture or reframe your breath your inner spirit evolves and rises in your own time. Conscious awareness is an effective tool to steer your focus into emotional balance. It brings you closer to your true nature, that which is love.  As you take action to arrive in bliss state with clarity, you shine forth with vitality as a messenger of peace for the world.  Your communities and families need more peacemakers and this begins with you. Is it time for you to: Train your flex muscles? Access calm in a moments time? Play with motions to combat emotions? Welcome in silence (for a few minutes) Be less reactive? Are you flexible? Ho’d you like to access that place with quick start meditations?

Sign up for the 2-day Mastermind on September 25th and 26th. Can’t attend the lives? No need to fret, you can watch the replays. It’s open to any woman who ever feels frazzled by the current news, family, friends, health or work related obstacles that block the essence of your true nature? Bring or share the info with a a friend. *Bonus healthy yogic lifestyle tips once you’re in!

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