Feeling your feelings and finding radiance (even during the struggle)

world globe

How does your body react in times of crisis? Perhaps your jaw tightens, heart pounds, or muscles contract? Struggles are a lot to handle.

It takes patience and hard work to watch your dreams (and perhaps gardens) grow let alone break through resistant barriers.

If you listen to to your soul, you might find some solutions. You’re the reflection of the person that you’re serving.

Do you believe in magic?

Bare encounters
vast polarity

Witnessing decay,

Crumbling beauty
rebuilding hope

I cast a loving spell on you to allow and notice your feelings, shake of stress.

Try a mantra:

I am powerful, Nobody can take my peace away. I am flowing.

Even in darkness, you can follow the light.

Be strong. Send your light and love out to the world.

I guide anxious women to find inner peace even during the struggle, through creativity and mindful living. Yoga and meditation mentor and friend. Follow on @marlasacks

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