Creativity is within you

Have you ever realized how artistry lives inside of everyone?

Most children have a natural, unique way of tapping into their creative energy.

Then as they grow, the energy that once was awakened, often goes dormant.

When I traveled abroad in college, I used to love “museum hopping”.
The Louvre in Paris,

Years later, The Hermitage in Leningrad/St. Petersberg.
Initially I was in awe of what another artist could do.

Then, after years of dedication to mindful living, I started to unleash the creative energy that comes from within.

It lives inside of you too and awaits your attention.

The first time I painted as an adult was on an art and yoga/meditation retreat 5 years ago, and then not again until during the pandemic.

One day, I grabbed my kids’ acrylic paint from when they were young and I let my hands get to work.
No judgment.
No expectations.

Then I went out and bought oil paint! 🎨 🙂

Did you know?
You can have a passion that might be lying dormant inside of you?
One that you haven’t discovered yet.

Do you ever wonder what kind of brilliance lives inside of you?

Everyday, the sun rises as a reminder for you to follow your original light and shine, even when life is hard.

You can make a clear choice to override your negative mind and chose to play with creative energy instead.

You’ve got this!

The radiant woman Shines, even when life is hard by waking up dormant energy and leaving the worries behind!

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