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Marla Sacks: Puranjeet Kaur (A Gurmukhi name given to me that represents an intention for a perfect victory). Trisha Madhurya (A Sanskrit namesake that translates to one who thirsts for knowledge as sweet nectar).

500-hour E-RYT, Kundalini (KRI) Instructor, Reiki /SNR® (ancient arts, health and wellness Practitioner, MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Inner-Chakra Healer®:
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Meditate with Marla: Present Moment Tips for Daily Living

Experience the Action, Bliss, Clarity Method

Workshops and Programs take you on a journey with your abc’s. Call to:

Action: evolution
Bliss: spirited joy
Clarity: vision truth

Past Workshops

  • Calm the Swirling Thoughts of your Mind
  • Yoga stretch and kundalini awareness meditations
  • Chakra System (vortex of energy healing centers)
  • Balance your Negative, Positive, & Neutral Mind
  • Use personal power cords to link yoga techniques with transformation meditations
  • Gain Spiritual Development & Deep Conscious Connection
  • Restore Balance with Gentle Yoga & Kundalini Meditations
  • Be You! Hands on healing
  • *Yoga with a Harpist, “The Cradle of Sound”
  • Experience your Radiance
  • Cleanse the Mind & Body for Clarity–Conscious Communication
  • Sound and Silence-Yoga Bliss Energy and Sound Vibrations with the Harmonium
  • Claim your Abundance – reboot your thoughts to create free space
  • Self-Love, Collaborate with community & Compassion

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